My Mom On Movies

Like all good sons, Joshua Seftel regularly calls his mother – usually at her Sarasota, FL condominium (winter) or her home in Schenectady, NY (summer). Seftel realized that there was something more to these conversations and lately has been filming them to share with others. It began as a lighthearted web series about pop culture. It has become an intimate and often humorous documentation of how, after 44 years, a mother and son discovered a new way of relating to one another.

Watch Josh and his Mom on CBS Sunday Morning.

Read this Boston Globe article on the series.

Listen to the NPR interview with Josh and his Mom.

Watch Josh and his Mom on Australian Talk Show, Weekend Sunrise.

Check out the series on YouTube.

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A new kind of critic.


“She’s hip to the times.”

The Wrap


“He didn’t just call his mother, he made her a star.”



“[Pat's] genius lies in her dead-on assessments, which are delivered without the self-satisfaction or intentional snarkiness that usually accompany such commentary.”

– The Boston Globe


“It makes me proud of my son… he’s a great kid.”

Pat Seftel


“Sweetly chatty.”

– Albany Times Union


“A humorous and poignant cross-generational experience.”

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune


“A template for those trying to break down barriers when it comes to talking with parents.”

The Jewish Forward