This American Life


Seftel has contributed to the Peabody Award-winning series This American Life, both for radio and television. From the premiere season of the Showtime series, Seftel’s “Still Life” profiles Marcus Halevi, a documentary photographer who has photographed victims of war and injustice all over the world. But it is the photographs of a drowning woman, which he took right here in the United States, that haunt him more than any others. This moving profile has been used in university classrooms across the country as a case study in the ethics of journalism.

He also contributed to the public radio series with “Trek,” the first-person account of Seftel, who is white, and Richard Robinson, who is black, as they travel together through the new South Africa. The idiosyncratic travelogue about race relations follows the two as they traverse the still mostly segregated society, encountering affluent white people, poor black villagers, stoned hippies and Islamic fundamentalists. The interracial pair have very different opinions about what they see, especially when it comes to meeting some of Seftel’s distant relatives in the country.


Still Life

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